Searching for heaven ??

This is not new..but yes..its natural..and common in today’s they are damn confused..
I’m not a saint or someone of older generations…
Even i am a 6 teenagers among 10 are confused about their whole life…
They dont even know what they want to pick as their career..Where they want to study further..or what they want to study further..etc etc..and etc..
The same thing was wrong with one of my friend..
I just told her..that you have time to think….but not much..
Just take a day or a week..
Take a corner and some popcorns or whatever you wish to eat..and just think on what you like..
What you’d like to do after your studies..
And if you end up deciding to go with your hobby..then its crack !
You’ve made the best decision that someone should..
Follow the place where your heart wants go..
You’ll end up reaching a place called heaven..


Few lines for the day

Your locked up
in my basement
I have no clue
how to present u
I fear more
wen u try to come out
its alwys stays inside
with a big doubt…!

Happy living

There is no end where there is no start…
similarly..there is nothing in a man where there is just a beating heart..

Be someone for the ones who love u..
That someone on whom they can always rely on..Be something ahead of a friend for few..whom u never want to leave..
Make them laugh..make them feel special…love one..but have affection for all..
Go crazy sometimes…
Be weird rather than being boring..
Excel in things u’ve always wanted to..
Make someone feel proud for you..
Break all the rules and live a colorfull life…
Be sporty..Be adventurous..
Be that one who never fears…though you have a little inside..
Guide those who are losing path..
And try to be a map for those who’ve lost it long time ago..
Break the vessels of fear in your hearts..
Let the blood of happiness flow in your veins like gushing waters of the pacific…
Leave all the grudges..leave them behind..
Life is very small to have them..
Why waste time in cursing someone..which results nothing..rather than complimenting someone..which give happiness to both..
Be enthusiatic..Be Alive..
.-Happy living 🙂

Poetry as a birthday gift !?

Poetry as A Birthday gift !?
This question, many of my friends ask me now and then whenevr they are in rush, when they want to make someone feel special and etc..
Mostly on the birthday..people think of giving expensive items that are attractive but are not from the heart..
Contributing a few bucks and buying something that a person loves cannot be called a gift..
Give that person something that makes him feel that he’s loved..
Not something that loves..
This is something that comes from your heart and shows how much love, care and affection you have for the person..
And when the feelings are right from your heart..they are definitely true..
Giving someone a tshirt or a watch cannot express what you feel for them..
Giving a painting or a poetry or whatever you feel that will help you in a best way to express yourself something like a Gift..
Gift which can be called as Gift..with lots of love and regards..
Try this thing..make something by yourself..and give it to your loved ones..they surely love it..