Enough of hindrances
on my way
have suffered alot till now
its my turn now
to turn the tide
on my side..

Change yourself
to change’em all
be a leaf
thats tough
whether the weather
is gentle or rough..

Lie is a truth
that people speak today
why is it so easy
to do the wrong
dont they feel that guilt
dont they feel that pain
that once they claimed
it wrong
and now they’re doing the same..!

Sacrifices are great
its a best thing
humans can do..
Not of the fellows
but of greed and lie
and evryones evil side..

Hands will not shrink
when they’ll touch the feet
of respect , truth , love and peace..
Nor they’ll go paralyzed..
Those golden hands
will then spill diamonds and gems..
When they’ll change lives..


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