Happy living

There is no end where there is no start…
similarly..there is nothing in a man where there is just a beating heart..

Be someone for the ones who love u..
That someone on whom they can always rely on..Be something ahead of a friend for few..whom u never want to leave..
Make them laugh..make them feel special…love one..but have affection for all..
Go crazy sometimes…
Be weird rather than being boring..
Excel in things u’ve always wanted to..
Make someone feel proud for you..
Break all the rules and live a colorfull life…
Be sporty..Be adventurous..
Be that one who never fears…though you have a little inside..
Guide those who are losing path..
And try to be a map for those who’ve lost it long time ago..
Break the vessels of fear in your hearts..
Let the blood of happiness flow in your veins like gushing waters of the pacific…
Leave all the grudges..leave them behind..
Life is very small to have them..
Why waste time in cursing someone..which results nothing..rather than complimenting someone..which give happiness to both..
Be enthusiatic..Be Alive..
.-Happy living 🙂


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