Searching for heaven ??

This is not new..but yes..its natural..and common in today’s they are damn confused..
I’m not a saint or someone of older generations…
Even i am a 6 teenagers among 10 are confused about their whole life…
They dont even know what they want to pick as their career..Where they want to study further..or what they want to study further..etc etc..and etc..
The same thing was wrong with one of my friend..
I just told her..that you have time to think….but not much..
Just take a day or a week..
Take a corner and some popcorns or whatever you wish to eat..and just think on what you like..
What you’d like to do after your studies..
And if you end up deciding to go with your hobby..then its crack !
You’ve made the best decision that someone should..
Follow the place where your heart wants go..
You’ll end up reaching a place called heaven..


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