Eyes are the only organ who communicate almost everything about you..
They show The fear behind your lie..
The pain behind your smile..
Your love for a person..
And that spark which shows that you’ve got the achievements after suffering alot..
Few are those which let you dive deep in the ocean of their love


War films..? Simply amazing..arent they !

Have you ever thought how the great the war films are ?
The have a huge scale of conflicts with that environment that matches the scale of the actual wars..
The way they depict the pain of those who suffer in wars..
The way they make the bullet fly so fierce through the warlands..
That cry of a person which carries that immense pain..which we cannot imagine with our breaths in the modern days..
They way they roll out their stories, characters and situations scene by scene..sometimes works like magic..!
That environment where fear is in the air , bullets are fired , the cry of the people , the warlands with the smell of blood being shattered everywhere..trully can make a great war drama..if you’re able to bring all these ingredients into the boiling pot..
Some of the great war movies..that are worth watching are..
-Paratroop Command (1959)
-The Great escape (1963)
-Come and see (1985)
-Black Hawk Down
-Zero Dark Thirty
-The Hurt Locker

Life is worth living

Forget all your fears
Give your heart,a chance
let all go
and find something that makes you crazy
that makes you feel your pulsating heart..
The air that tickles you with excitement and fear
that makes you laugh loud
louder than ever !
Let your voice reach all those small ears down there..
And spread the word
that life is worth living !

Shocking Love !

Love someone that much..
That you rock them till their core..
They should feel like that person who doesnt seem to recover after getting a 40000v shock !
Shock that flows through every nerve and organ of your body..
Shock that your body wants every day..
Shock that makes your heart love that pain..
And your heart doesnt want to recover from it.!

Just express

Dont freakout !
Just breakout with what you always felt and could’nt say..
You just need to say a few words with some confidence..
To make what you feel is right..
As you Live to express yourselves..your feelings..your emotions..your will..
Don’t think too much abt what others feel about your say..
As Expression is a language of your heart..where there are just feelings and no slangs..
Just utter what you feel
And let your heart fill it with the feelings..the emotions

Dare to dream and move ahead !

Wanna go far from that light that makes you stand beside something great ?
Does your blood gushes through your viens when you think of your dream ?
Does your heart beat with that supersonic speed when you feel of doing something big ?
If yes..
Then just push yourselves a little more..
Because you’re on the right track.!
Just dare a little more and see yourselves reach the place where people just wish to be.. But could not..
You’ll reach the moon instead of waiting at the stars,looking for the right moment..
Just dare a little
and see yourself fly in reality..

Need a companion ?

The roads are too long..
The journeys are very tiring..
Just hold your breath and move on..
You never know when you get a lift..
Which will leave you there..
Where you desire to reach..
Where you wish to be..
Just walk..
You never know..that when someone will join you to make your journey.. The best part of your life..