War films..? Simply amazing..arent they !

Have you ever thought how the great the war films are ?
The have a huge scale of conflicts with that environment that matches the scale of the actual wars..
The way they depict the pain of those who suffer in wars..
The way they make the bullet fly so fierce through the warlands..
That cry of a person which carries that immense pain..which we cannot imagine with our breaths in the modern days..
They way they roll out their stories, characters and situations scene by scene..sometimes works like magic..!
That environment where fear is in the air , bullets are fired , the cry of the people , the warlands with the smell of blood being shattered everywhere..trully can make a great war drama..if you’re able to bring all these ingredients into the boiling pot..
Some of the great war movies..that are worth watching are..
-Paratroop Command (1959)
-The Great escape (1963)
-Come and see (1985)
-Black Hawk Down
-Zero Dark Thirty
-The Hurt Locker


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