Be positive and wait for suprises..

If you find a positive emotion behind every negative..
You’ll never be sad..
Because All the things that happen with us..
Happen for good and for a reason..
The reason you might not know immediately..
But later it will save you from going into bad..
And Those good things..are just hiding from you for getting packed with those things you’ve loved and were enough to draw a smile on your face..


Hapiness !

I’ve found that Happiness is something that we get only when we begin our search for it..
That is time when we realize those moments,those silly and small things that made our hearts feel the life..
Those happy moments set our hearts to speak about how great it felt !
Its that time when your eyes actually feel blessed and thank that creator who made him cry for something good..
We’re mostly speechless at that time because our heart fills our eyes with enough emotions that explains every bit of happiness that it felt..


The best way of writing something horrifying..
Is to imagine and create that horror of the night..
In the bright day light..
Because..if you can imagine its intensity in the day time..
You can surely have something bigger than it for the night..


Thoughts are a base of what you feel and what you desire..
Your thoughts are a mirror image of what you are..Where you stand..
And sometimes what you deserve..
Thats why people say..
“You cannot change your life without changing your Thoughts and thinking..”
Man suffers because what he lays in for people in his heart..he Eventually becomes the thing that he cursed someone with..
Change your thoughts..
Widen your thinking..
Because Great thoughts make up a great man..


Sometimes it takes a moment and sometimes a whole decade to have a light on what you love..
Today..people in the world are losing those moments of realisation..
Realising what your dream is..Is your first step towards your happy life..
If you can dream it..
You can create it..
And if you create’ll be happy..
People just need something to strike off their minds and convince their brains about their dreams towards achieving those..
Its just takes one step to make your dreams,your aims in life..
That one step being passionate about it..
If you love it..You’ll go on searching it everywhere..
That’s gonna be the day..
You’ll actually start your work on it..
Be it anything where your brain and heart are happy together at..
You just need to know what you love..
And rest is your madness that follows’ll start dreaming during the days about your achievements and people cheering you..
You’ll have a smile whenever you start it..
And you’ll have that happiness when you end that thing in the way it should have..
Find that place where your heart’s fallen for..
And you’ll have your love and your life..

Welcome all !

Dear Writers and film enthusiasts from all round the world..
I can understand your passion and your dreams towards writing stories with great impact and wanting to create films that appeal the global audience as I too feel the same..
I know what it takes to set a benchmark in writing career by writing about something great that touches the hearts of people and inspires many..I can understand this as I want to achieve the same recognition and acolades for my writing..
Sometimes ideas come to us and sometimes we have to hunt them down..
I’ve recieved some experience in writing as i’ve started it 2years ago..
And now..i’ve somehow managed myself to be able write for any short film belonging to any genre or writing a poem on any subject or motivational short essays or messages that might tickle your mind for a while..
So having a great thing like Internet and a blog , here i start to give you few tips and tricks to make your stories better,which helped me alot..
As I am a learner too..
I welcome your suggestions,comments,tips and tricks on writing and etc..
So help me get inspired by you all and let me inspire you..
Mention those in comments below..
Happy reading and Happy Writing..
Regards..The Admin..

Are you still sleeping..?

Are you still sleeping ?
Knowing what has happened,Are you still….?
Its the time you open your eyes
its the time you should recognize the truth and the lies..
Its the time you should take a stand for bringing a change..
Its the time you come up with that blast..
THat leaves no impurities alive..
Our society can be more than what is bad !
Our society can be nurtured..can be allowed to develop..
So that many like you..who are sleeping..can wake up..
Because..many of those..
Who wanted a change..
Have died in their sleep..
And many dint want to leave their sleep..
So its time to pull up your socks..
And lean towards the right..!
Because..someone has to take a stand to burn the garbage and trash..alive in the place we live..