Films..movies..cinema..a dream come true

Films , movies , cinema..whatever you call them..
They are simply great..
They bring those moments of magic on the screen , those we can hardly imagine of..
They show us the various colors that fill a life when an angel enters..
Most of the times , They make us feel that life is worth living..
They show the characters living their lives..full size , king style..
Where you hold the throne of happiness and sadness..
Where you hold the throne of laughter smile love and care..
Films inspire us..sometimes show us the directions..sometimes they show us the path..
Imagine a world of yours where you can express as much as you can..
A world..where there are no limits..
A world where everywhere is just you..
A world where there’s your golden touch..
Its just like having a brush and whole sky to paint with our favourite colors..
The film maker’s job is more like a dream..where your the dictator..the controller..the destroyer..
It would be such a great fun to become someone..who has his own world to create with its own story..characters..their actions..expressions..
It would be awesome if your able to create your own universe..


One thought on “Films..movies..cinema..a dream come true

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