Welcome all !

Dear Writers and film enthusiasts from all round the world..
I can understand your passion and your dreams towards writing stories with great impact and wanting to create films that appeal the global audience as I too feel the same..
I know what it takes to set a benchmark in writing career by writing about something great that touches the hearts of people and inspires many..I can understand this as I want to achieve the same recognition and acolades for my writing..
Sometimes ideas come to us and sometimes we have to hunt them down..
I’ve recieved some experience in writing as i’ve started it 2years ago..
And now..i’ve somehow managed myself to be able write for any short film belonging to any genre or writing a poem on any subject or motivational short essays or messages that might tickle your mind for a while..
So having a great thing like Internet and a blog , here i start to give you few tips and tricks to make your stories better,which helped me alot..
As I am a learner too..
I welcome your suggestions,comments,tips and tricks on writing and etc..
So help me get inspired by you all and let me inspire you..
Mention those in comments below..
Happy reading and Happy Writing..
Regards..The Admin..


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