Sometimes it takes a moment and sometimes a whole decade to have a light on what you love..
Today..people in the world are losing those moments of realisation..
Realising what your dream is..Is your first step towards your happy life..
If you can dream it..
You can create it..
And if you create’ll be happy..
People just need something to strike off their minds and convince their brains about their dreams towards achieving those..
Its just takes one step to make your dreams,your aims in life..
That one step being passionate about it..
If you love it..You’ll go on searching it everywhere..
That’s gonna be the day..
You’ll actually start your work on it..
Be it anything where your brain and heart are happy together at..
You just need to know what you love..
And rest is your madness that follows’ll start dreaming during the days about your achievements and people cheering you..
You’ll have a smile whenever you start it..
And you’ll have that happiness when you end that thing in the way it should have..
Find that place where your heart’s fallen for..
And you’ll have your love and your life..


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