Lets dive inside..

Find what reflects you from inside
Find those things that were missing
Find yourself and the place where your heart resides..
Because Its you who knows where its stands
and what it wants to achieve..
And its only you who knows what lies deep within..
You just have to dive into that sea and rest is your madness that drives you..
You’ll find something that you’ve never realised even though if you knew about it..
It was just like that scenary or place which you knew that it was beautiful..
But when you’ve reached there..
You’ll know that nothing can be better than this..


Summer is on the way !!

Its neither too much hot
nor too much cold..
But yes..its the best time of the year..
The gentle winds moving on with luke warm air along the sunlight with the silent surroundings allowing my ears to snatch every chirp of the bird and sound of every object around..
It would be perfect to have a seat under the shade of the tree with some orange juice or cola or lemonade with a pen and a paper beside,along with headphones on,and a whole day to relax with no tension beside..
Everything now seems to be silent as the summer is on the way..
People tend to hate summer but the best views of the magical nature according to me can be seen during summers only..
A strange combination of winds and the sunlight under the cool and calm shade of the tree places millions of thoughts beside..

Met that heavenly feel again..

Walking down the road all alone with the crisp of the heat from the sunshine , the humid weather along with the gentle breezes and chirping of the birds , also those views that bring the heavenly feel of the golden heat during the mid summer in the time of winter is something that is great..
The weather seems great nowadays..
Reminding of my summer days that i spent with great joy..
That joy was something that my words cannot explain..
I had a different feel during the afternoons of the summer.
Those silent numb afternoons with gentle breeze of winds with little heat in them and overall me and my friends enjoyed this magical feel below the mango tree in a playground or on the branches of the tree and loads of laughter and silly talks..


A thought that your love is immortal and an endless affection for that one who wants to fly and die with you will grow more with that increasing heavenly feel..
let your love for that person be so much that words and the worlds of yours fail to describe it..
That deep underlying emotion among the two will grow more as the time passes..
It’ll just be like a tree growing from its root..
As the time passes..it grows more..it starts bearing those lovely flowers and fruits which later become the pride of that tree..
Similarly..relation between the puppets of love doesnt go old as time passes..they just grow with increasing emotions..
And when those puppets die..those emotions and feelings are still alive in their heart and those are strong enough to make flowers grow on their graves showing that love never dies..
(Its always alive for that ONE..)

Sudden change !

Sometimes things are not meant to happen
But still they do..
Sometimes happenings just dont move along the time and the tide..
Sometimes its simply a cliche..
The same is happening now..
The place where i reside
Is a palace of miracles..
Its the time of winter
The time of having your sweaters and hoods on..
But miraculously..people are carrying umbrella’s and raincoats as the rains are here before their time..

Let the lights come in !

Sadness lets you explore the dark..
Dont ever fall within it..
You’ll forget all those happy moments that you lived and end up making it your home..
Where the windows are shut for those lights who once wanted to lighten up your life..
You’ll cry for that sunshine that why was it still hiding from you
but you’ll never remember those who came with just a candle to share their light for your little home..