There’s nothing to fear about..

There’s nothing to fear about today or tomorrow..
No matter whatever comes your way..
You should have enough strength to have a smile against it..
At that time your smile itself will say whatever you’ve wished..
Whenever you feel afraid or have fear regarding something..
Just let your mind and heart know..
That your fear looks very small when it stands besides your aims and dreams..
That you don’t have time to waste on being afraid of something as you can devote that time to your aims and dreams..
That you don’t care whatever comes your way as you are busy painting your own world..


There’s a reason behind everything..

Sometimes a reason behind the lie is stronger than the lie and the truth..
It states that there was no intention of getting a lie spoken..
But there were situations which forced those verses to become a lie..
Man forgets everything when he gets to see someone’s mistakes and bursts over them..
Bursting over someone’s mistakes will just give out that underlying bitterness which maybe was finding a reason to come out..
Even he’s not wrong as if he’s pissed off due to that mistake..
States that he cared for you..
Still..he should be that pillar who supports the building from storms and promises to do that forever..
He and the people all over the world should understand that everything that a man does has his own share of pain and a reason behind it..
That he did just for the sake of his children or someone else..
That he forgot himself and took a stand besides someone who desperately needed him..

Pain..Tiredness..Stress..Just don’t exist..

Neither You’ve not travelled a million miles..
Nor You’ve not crossed the seven seas..
So there exists no option of you getting tired..
As waiting and relaxing for sometime are not much valuable than your desire of that thing which made you tired..
With every bit of increasing pain during the task..
You’ll master an art of forgetting it for your desire..
If its strong enough to make you stand again..
Pain,Tiredness,Stress are just like those who come to indulge you in something else you’ve never wished..
They make you choose activities like sleep,nap rather than your desire..your dream..
A simple policy helps you to forget these..
“You’ll have a whole lifetime to sleep inside your grave once your gone..
So its better to make something big..
So that your remembered for it even after your dead”

Its a fact !

Its a fact !
If a boy knows and understands his love for a girl..
The girl will never understand those feelings that a boy has for her..
If a girl trully loves a boy and knows her love..
The boy she loves will never know what depth her feelings had..
And At last..
If a boy and a girl trully love each other..
They both Have married each other in their dreams a million times..
They often live in their own paradise..
And understand the feelings inside each other..
That time..The world will not understand and start arising a million questions for them,about them and against them..
.- Jinit

Now or Never

Its now or never..
Maybe its ur last chance to see her alone..
Face the fact..
Have enough strength to go and say her what you feel..
Have enough strength to see her with someone else..
Its not a crime your committing..
Neither your breaking the rules..
Nor your breaking someone’s life..
Your just expressing what you have for her..
Dont think what she’ll answer..
Just think that how speechless she’ll be..
When you’ll show her your kingdom of love and the way the princess of a prince is loved..
Make her feel that no one could gift her that thing what you’ve given to her..
Dont just express what you have for her..
Express with few words and lots of love..
So that her mind and heart go speechless and silence becomes her answer..

With warm regards and memories in my eyes..

Got a strange feeling today..
Before a while..
Was just looking for which centre had been allotted to my roll no. For board exams..
After finding it..
I dont know what happened
but that fear of appearing for boards got vanished away..
Its not like that i’m too much confident about myself..
But that fear got vanished away by giving a little pain in my heart..
I dint want to move on without few people whom i met in college..
Those made my college life great and were the ones with whom i had my every bread and butter..
Those took a little place in my heart..
Those including my drama group (Vayu house and People From Agni ) and my classmates Kamal,Abhishek,Prajwal,Vatsal,Neerav,Nikhil(shanbagh&shettigar),Anand,Dheeraj,Raj,Gaurang,Bhavik,Akhilesh,swati,karishma and many more..
Will miss them and all those memories that i had with them..
I hope that pain goes forever but we all still remain the same..
Hope that all are in contact just like the way we were in college..
The thing that made scared was we all will be going in different directions chasing our dreams…dont know who’ll end up reaching where..
Will they all be the same..
This post dint come from my writing pad but it came from a small little corner of the heart..
This is dedicated to all those..who’ve made my year great..!
.-Within tears in eyes and a relief from hearts.

You are that ONE

You are the murder of your wishes..
A ghost that you fear
A lie that you’ve spoken
A truth that you’ve hidden
A mistake that you’ve repeated..
A learner of things you’ve desired..
A Tear of your eye
A sufferer of your lie
A thought of something big
An emotion behind someone’s strength
A reason for someone’s success
A pain of your mistakes
A strength to someone
A weakness to yourself
A person with just letters and no existence to someone..
A person whose name is life for someone..
A book of your own secrets
A sorrow of your own life..
A grave of your own death..


Scream !
Shout !
Make some Noise !
Make it loud !
Let your heart go crazy about the thing it loves..
Let your soul feel that contentment when your asked about your goals,dreams and aims…
Feel that pride and have lots to say about what you love..what you wish..what you desire..
Spread the word that its you who can make it large and lovable..
Its you who can taste the nectar from those ashes to which people consider as waste..
Put your mind and might in it and rock that thing to the core..
Let everyone know what its worth !
Let their minds go mad after watching you doing that thing !
Let them get a goosebump with a huge smile..
Let them get a shock of life for a while..!

Few in hindi..

Pyaar badhao..
Jhagda nahi..

Dil saaf rakho..
Ghar ko nahi..

Prem baato..
Mithai nahi..

Zindagi me badhao mithaas..
Chai ya coffee me nahi..

Insaniyat ke raste par chalo..
Skywalk pe nahi..

Sahi baat karo..
Bakwas nahi..

Madat karo insaano ki..
Insult nahi..

Logo ka Mood recharge karo..
Phone ko nahi..

Dil se socho..
Dimaag se nahi..

Logo ke dil churao..
Sapno ko nahi..

Dil milao..
Hath nahi..