Where do good ideas come from..?

Where do good ideas come from ?
Dreams ?
Past Experiences ?
People ?
Happening in nearby places ?
Songs ?
Movies ?
Places ?
We all want to be creative and want the best ideas to come from our head..
So do good ideas come in our dreams ?
Or do we get them from our past experiences..?
Those incidents in which we would add some salt and black pepper as per our requirement ?
Or do they come from people randomly..?
Or From Those people who tend to inspire us the most ?
Or do they come from happenings in our nearby areas..?
Or be it those favourite songs which inspire us after listining them a million times..?
Or those movies with whom we feel connected the most connected ?
Or those places where we have our state of mind and we are able to think..?
In all..
According to me..
Good ideas are those hunches which get their perfect shape after all these things..
I get ideas from places i feel connected with and those songs,movies,my past experiences,happenings with some salt and pepper according to my taste,and last but not the least..
From my dreams in sleep and my dreams for future..
Ideas are those hunches which get their desired shape and size after our idea of final touch..
And that final touch to it..
Is a task thats not easy..
Maybe you can get them from your memories..
Or maybe someone’s irrelevant thought that may become useful for you..
I remember of being seen a video of someone named steve and his explanation to where do good ideas come from..
It was great..
They way he showed it and various other explanations lead to evolution of good ideas was simply great..
As a tip i’d give..
Think over a particular thing for only once by bringing millions of thoughts and queries related to it..
Its that time you get an idea of what you have,what you need,what is right, what is wrong,what is missing and what is needed to be brought..
And in simple words..
Combine each and every tool you have for bringing that good idea from inside..
Use movies,experiences,thoughts,cliches,happenings,story behind the lyrics of a song,characters of a movie,your goals,your dreams,things which come in your dreams and everything else you can bring..
And as the process progressess..
You’ll have your good or a great idea..!


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