Don’t be upset..Chase what you love..

When you’re feeling depressed and hurt
too badly..
When you’re feeling low and have nothing to do..
When you’ve suffered alot and your down on your knees..
When you don’t know what’s right and what’s wrong..
When you feel like quitting..
Just leave the world and its people aside..
The world is not worth your life..
And those don’t owe them anything..
Just have a peace of mind and think about your dreams,your fantasies, your desires and your wishes..
Your dreams are worth achieving rather achieving that death..
Neither you have control over the things happening inside the people’s brain,Nor you can control their thoughts..
The only thing you can do is follow those things which let you have a stable mind and peace to your soul and enough strength to forget what happened..
Close your eyes against those problems..
And let your soul open its eyes for the beautiful things around..


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