With warm regards and memories in my eyes..

Got a strange feeling today..
Before a while..
Was just looking for which centre had been allotted to my roll no. For board exams..
After finding it..
I dont know what happened
but that fear of appearing for boards got vanished away..
Its not like that i’m too much confident about myself..
But that fear got vanished away by giving a little pain in my heart..
I dint want to move on without few people whom i met in college..
Those made my college life great and were the ones with whom i had my every bread and butter..
Those took a little place in my heart..
Those including my drama group (Vayu house and People From Agni ) and my classmates Kamal,Abhishek,Prajwal,Vatsal,Neerav,Nikhil(shanbagh&shettigar),Anand,Dheeraj,Raj,Gaurang,Bhavik,Akhilesh,swati,karishma and many more..
Will miss them and all those memories that i had with them..
I hope that pain goes forever but we all still remain the same..
Hope that all are in contact just like the way we were in college..
The thing that made scared was we all will be going in different directions chasing our dreams…dont know who’ll end up reaching where..
Will they all be the same..
This post dint come from my writing pad but it came from a small little corner of the heart..
This is dedicated to all those..who’ve made my year great..!
.-Within tears in eyes and a relief from hearts.


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