Pain..Tiredness..Stress..Just don’t exist..

Neither You’ve not travelled a million miles..
Nor You’ve not crossed the seven seas..
So there exists no option of you getting tired..
As waiting and relaxing for sometime are not much valuable than your desire of that thing which made you tired..
With every bit of increasing pain during the task..
You’ll master an art of forgetting it for your desire..
If its strong enough to make you stand again..
Pain,Tiredness,Stress are just like those who come to indulge you in something else you’ve never wished..
They make you choose activities like sleep,nap rather than your desire..your dream..
A simple policy helps you to forget these..
“You’ll have a whole lifetime to sleep inside your grave once your gone..
So its better to make something big..
So that your remembered for it even after your dead”


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