There’s a reason behind everything..

Sometimes a reason behind the lie is stronger than the lie and the truth..
It states that there was no intention of getting a lie spoken..
But there were situations which forced those verses to become a lie..
Man forgets everything when he gets to see someone’s mistakes and bursts over them..
Bursting over someone’s mistakes will just give out that underlying bitterness which maybe was finding a reason to come out..
Even he’s not wrong as if he’s pissed off due to that mistake..
States that he cared for you..
Still..he should be that pillar who supports the building from storms and promises to do that forever..
He and the people all over the world should understand that everything that a man does has his own share of pain and a reason behind it..
That he did just for the sake of his children or someone else..
That he forgot himself and took a stand besides someone who desperately needed him..


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