Night..Day ?

Each drop of water counts..
No matter you’re alive or dead..
In the same way..
Each second..Every Minute and Every hour counts..
Even if your working or sleeping…
You have the day..
The bright sunshine..The calm and gentle winds blowing..The trees giving away their shade to you..
So get back to the thing you’ve stopped..
As its the day time and the whole world is awake with that opportunity for you..
Even if its the night..
The stars are shining bright..
There’s a moon up there,smilling at you..
So this doesnt mean that its the time you lay your head and have a sleep..
As it was never mentioned in the world..
That night was the time to sleep and the day to start our activities as..
Its upon you that how you cease the day and night..


We are not born skilled..
We aquire skills..

Never lose any moment !

Do you feel bad for the loss of a life..?
If yes..
Then why dont you feel bad for the loss of each day of your life..
Isn’t your life precious ?
Yes it is !
Make the moments and the days of your life so special that you heart fears to lose even a single of them..
Do something..
Have yourselves engaged in something with your mind and might..
Have a habit of living with what you have and try to suck the whole juice from that single fruit you have today..
As you never know..
when things change and it will dry..
and you will crave and die for that single fruit..
And regret for loosing it..

From the box of thoughts..

I’ve been seeing people crying for the things they’ve lost..
I’ve never understood that why does loss make people cry as it was something that was going to happen someday.
I feel that we all should make up our mind with two thoughts..
Either to know the truth that whatever we going to get lost somewhere,sometime and someday..
Or to live with a fact that we have nothing to loose..
This doesnt mean that we should break all our relations and stay alone forever so as to have nothing to cry for..
But to be ready with the fact that even after the loss..those are eternally alive and reside in this world with us..
We all need to know only one thing..that nothing is lost till we believe that its alive..
You can feel the presence of those whom you’ve lost forever only if your bond with them was enough strong to make them alive again..
As the simplest truth on earth itself says that..
“All those things which are present need not be visible to us everytime..
They are needed to be felt..”


Believe in a fact..
That you’re born ordinary
To do something thats extraordinary..
That to achieve things
you’ll have to change priorities..
That to conquer the world
you’ll have to be apart from it..

Yes..You Are Special

Many a times we do not realise how special we are for someone..
even though if we think that we are useless or stupid enough..
We often make ourselves grounded with a thought that we come and go alone..
But the truth is that we come for making someone smile and love and walk away for making that smile and love live forever as we’ve done with what we needed..
That we wanted those to smile forever..
As we never knew that our presence would be someone’s reason of smile and happiness..
As we never had an idea that after our life..
Our name would be someone’s reason of living..

Special Summers !

Have you ever thought of swimming in that bright sunshine just by sitting on your chair ?
You’ll never know how special the summers are..
And overall how special are the afternoons of summer..
Walk away from your home..
Take your bagpack..
Your earcords or whatever you feel like..
And land up in a forest or a mountain top or a long empty road..
Be there by the start of the noon..
And make yourselves comfortable and sit wherever you’d love to..
And then..just close your eyes..and feel the movement around you..
Shut your brain off and just let your ears soothe you with those sounds which’ll soon become melodies and then the cold calm wind will blow off your pain and tiredness as soon as you get in that flow..
And once you’ve experienced it..
You’ll fail to describe it in words but you’ll never forget that peace..

100th Post !!!!!

This marks my 100th post on this blog..
Everything went away with such a pace of time that today i’ve completed 100 where there was a day when i was cracking my head
off for writing a single post..
N now,its just like a flow in which i’m swimming and going on with my writing stuff..
So today i’d like to share
Some Golden Words of mine which made me know that how to get a flow in any kind of work and how to drown in it..
“There is no end
where there is no start….”
so do not give up until you start it..
Because if you need that spark in the stuff what you’ll have to start in such a way that neither your love for it never ends..
Nor its tenure..
As you’ll find several ways of doing it..
And by the time you complete it..
You’ll have your mind starting the working process again and the best part is
that you’ll never get tired nor bored..
So just give it a start..
And see what magic happens..