Are you lost ?

Do mixed emotions and feelings reside in your head and heart making you feel confused ?
Do you feel the heavy weight of empty thoughts in your head ?
Does your aimless brain hurt you for not knowing whats hidden inside ?
If yes
Then your lost in the crowd..
You’ve lost your own shadow while trying to fit yourself in those of others..
You’ve lost your mind and now you’ve still not realised what was the thing that actually gave you happiness..
These happenings have changed definitions of life , happiness and prosperity to you..
You have now forgot the last time when you broke out and cried with happiness and joy..
You have now limited yourselves and created boundaries that are creating distances between you and the fellow people..
And now,your just waiting for a miracle to happen and take you far away where you’ll have an answer to these happenings and problems..
If all these things are happening..
Then your definetly lost in a world where there is no you and your existence is just a question with no answer..


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