Special Summers !

Have you ever thought of swimming in that bright sunshine just by sitting on your chair ?
You’ll never know how special the summers are..
And overall how special are the afternoons of summer..
Walk away from your home..
Take your bagpack..
Your earcords or whatever you feel like..
And land up in a forest or a mountain top or a long empty road..
Be there by the start of the noon..
And make yourselves comfortable and sit wherever you’d love to..
And then..just close your eyes..and feel the movement around you..
Shut your brain off and just let your ears soothe you with those sounds which’ll soon become melodies and then the cold calm wind will blow off your pain and tiredness as soon as you get in that flow..
And once you’ve experienced it..
You’ll fail to describe it in words but you’ll never forget that peace..


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