From the box of thoughts..

I’ve been seeing people crying for the things they’ve lost..
I’ve never understood that why does loss make people cry as it was something that was going to happen someday.
I feel that we all should make up our mind with two thoughts..
Either to know the truth that whatever we going to get lost somewhere,sometime and someday..
Or to live with a fact that we have nothing to loose..
This doesnt mean that we should break all our relations and stay alone forever so as to have nothing to cry for..
But to be ready with the fact that even after the loss..those are eternally alive and reside in this world with us..
We all need to know only one thing..that nothing is lost till we believe that its alive..
You can feel the presence of those whom you’ve lost forever only if your bond with them was enough strong to make them alive again..
As the simplest truth on earth itself says that..
“All those things which are present need not be visible to us everytime..
They are needed to be felt..”


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