Thought for the day

“Dont ever let anyone make you a puppet of theirs and control your thoughts and you..
Learn to master your control over the things that belong to you”


Thought from the box

Right since you take birth and open your eyes…
This cruel world throws you onto hurdles and makes you run the race which no one ever wished to..
It will make you run untill you loose yourself and die..
It will treat you as a slave by feeding you with your wishes..
And by killing yourself daily..
The only thing you’ll have left in your hands are marks..
But..during all this nuisance..
The world forgets that each one of us was sent here just for making that ordinary thing,extraordinary for thr world..
That it would seem impossible for anyone else other than you..
That you were living your every breath just to reach the stars..
That you were the only reason that thing flourished and the world saw something different !

Fall in love with those eyes !

Those eyes who spill diamonds whenever they speak are simply magical..
Those are the ones for whom you die a hundred times and you’re reborn again just to see them..
Those are the ones for whom you love loosing every battle..
Those are the ones who soothe you and give you a new life everytime you see them..
As you’re half dead when tears come out of those eyes..
And you want to die again and again for them when they are happy..!

Speak up !

What happens when you have nothing to say ?
But alot to show !
Thats the time when you’re the Television set and you are on the mute mode..
And that too because of someone’s commands..
Then whats the use of you showing your kingdom and its beauty when you’re not able to convey what that kingdom means to you !
Don’t let anyone have the remote control of your silence and sound..
As what you speak adds beauty to the thing you show..
As your voice becomes the melody and adds magic to your show !


A fact we all are aware about
‘Our Thoughts Control Our Actions’
but sometimes..
Our thoughts take over our minds and bring us to something thats called Confusion..
We start making false speculations..
We start assuming stupid things that are only possible in our minds..
We start comforting ourselves with lies and make our mind busy with those same verses which are the only ones left to sooth us..
And at this time..
Whatever is running inside the brain..
Is like something cannot be explained to anyone..
As those were the thoughts of ours..
And what we think and feel will be different always..
Different thoughts..Confused mind..Constant flow of emotions that have no explanation..various advices from people..unstable mind..
All these things lead to a Perfectly-Disturbed-Unstable-Irritated-Frustrated-Scared Mind..!
These things come with solutions too..
A simple solution to all kinds of minds..
‘Stop sowing the seeds of those trees that you don’t like as your the creator of your garden’