Experiences define you..
May those experiences be having lunch under the shade of a single tree on a long road during the summer noons or be it you getting crowned for the work you’ve done and the excellence you’ve achieved..
Both are equally important as the lunch under the shade of a tree during scorching summer heat made you realise the value of the tree’s shade that brought peace and calmness which made it easier for you to have your lunch even if there was scorching summer heat..
It made you feel that there’s always something in a world of ours who tries to give us some peace..
Though it be the tree and its shadow or someone else..
Whereas when you held the crown in your hands..
You knew what it took for you to reach at the place
Because you knew that the struggle you made was someday..somehow gonna result you in that endless happiness and honor that you had been waiting for
its was just your patience and your hardwork that got you here..
Because if you were the one experiencing both..
You’ll never forget each and everyone who was just like a shadow of a tree in your life which led you to your kingdom and your crown..


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