Stand up in front of the mirror..
And see that does your reflection say more than you ever could..?
If yes..
Then your inner voice is stuck in there..
Let it out !
As just like the heart,
even the mirror breaks as its not able to handle the weight of those words,
As it has understood that now those words and emotions are weightless,useless and dead.


Evening Experience..!

Seeing the sun setting down with millions of thoughts tinkling in the brain and problems creating a chaos in mind clearly indicate that these things have come to pass !
As the sun sets everyday so that it could rise again,
The humans do fall in situations where they are helpless..
But these situations have not come to stay..
They’ve come to pass !
They’ve come to make you stand tall against all the odds..
And once you learn to stand up, Even the chaos in your mind goes off..!


When you cant get up and fight back..
you need a support atleast to stand,head to head and toe to toe against the storm thats coming towards you..
The support you need isnt visible..
It has to be felt..
And sometimes..
Its not the person who stands tall for you and motivates you to keep moving forward..
Its strange but sometimes..
Even music and its melody tones up every wrong that has happened..
You just need to completely let it in..
And then you’re ready to go with the flow..
Try it..!

In The End..The Good Matters..

It hurts when the path you’re on is one sided..
It hurts even more when we have no choice other than walking on that path knowing that there’ll be no sunshine but just suffering..
Many a times..
Either we are blind and we move on it..
Or we’re forced to close our eyes while walking on it..
As Things are not always those what we want them to be..
But they are somewhat better than what we always wanted..
So Choices do matter sometimes..
But the good matters the most..


You’ve come so far..
You’ve got your hands dirty..
But you don’t care even if that dirt and its stains don’t go off..
As you know
that the world is very small to understand the thing that set you on fire
and made you do every wrong you could’ve done..
As you were’nt the one
who was bad..
But the situations forced you to put on those stains and that dirt for some reason and this is the thing that the world fails to understand everytime..