Most of the times, we can feel more than what our words wish to say.
As its that silence, that sounds the best, when its felt, not heard.


From the TrashCan101 #2

What if your wings are cut down just before your flight for your dreams ?
What if you’re abandoned and kept in the dark, even if the light deserved your smile!
Later, There’ll be a time when you’ll even lack tears to cry.
Maybe you’re breaking
from inside, and the worst part, hands get shorter, as you come far from those bonds that were once tied forever.
Maybe after that, You’ll turn alone, empty and numb.
But you deserve something more than that.
More than what you expect, and more than what this world can give you.
Only if you go out, shouting with all you had within, so that the one who was hiding in with fear, knows what you’re worth and what more it could be, rather than turning Black, Dark and dead.

From the TrashCan101

Sometimes our mind wishes to escape from a situation but there’s something that doesnt allow us.
A jail is then created for us, by us, which includes only us.
And those four walls, dont even let the light to fall within.
Its hard to get through the things like these, where you’re helpless and also, the forces around you seem to be not in mood of helping.
At that time, atleast a ray rather than the way, if it finds us, it helps alot more than any other thing in this world.
But not many are lucky enough.
Some touch the stars, and the rest, continue their struggle with the Black.

Just a bit.

Stretch a bit.
We all have to do that thing whenever time and situation demands us to.
Move a bit.
We have no option, rather than adjusting between our luxuries and needs.
Learn a bit.
We’re never going to know, unless we learn. As it’s like a glass, that fills by being a bit empty.
Laugh a bit.
It feels dead and empty, if we leave laughter and that silly giggle in the dark.
Atleast, Thank !
Whatever you are, is just ’cause of someone’s will & wish.
These two pave the path, and block the hurdles from blocking you.