A post after a very Long nap.

Things that are purely out of the Guilty pleasures or any other stuff, that is harmful, for one’s Mind and Might
is something that’s – Unintentional.
These things have a great piece of strength of disturbance, and even a more greater chunk of Destruction, in their side pocket.
Things you never meant to create, or the mess you’d never want to be stuck in, are simply those that claim, that you’re a part of something serious, and Chaotic.
This is the time, where the Shadows take over the light, for their presence.
The presence, that demands to be felt.
The presence that demands your Cry.
You’ll never know, and you’ll never feel, that you’ve fell in.
Until, you realise that, you’re a part of some serious shit, you’ll be lost.
You’ll be lost, not for finding a new way out.
But you’ll be lost, as you’ll never know what’s needed to be done.
All this takes place, at the time, when you’re the only one whose helplessly dying.
And even when you feel that you’re at the edge, that pain won’t easily leave its grip.


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