Thought for the day

The more you get close to the scars and the burns,
The far you’ll get from the sunshine and it’s healing.


Searching for it ?

We all wait for the Right Time, expecting that it will be with us someday.
But we end up knowing the fact that Either there was never a thing like ‘Right Time’ or else, it had been gone, long ago.

You’re finally here !

You’ve finally found the place where your heart wishes to reside for the rest of your life,
But some shackles are blocking your way !
Those shackles are non other than the people.
And its tough for you as breaking chains and running off is much easier than breaking the Jaws of those,
who always broke you with their Words.
So if you’re vision is the brightest even in the dark..
Then you just need shut your senses and walk away like the dead..
Who doesnt care whatever comes his way towards the cold stone.

Mehnat kar..

Lachaar nahi wo insaan..
Jo kuch na kar khali baitha rahe..
Nahi wo insaan daya ke layak..
Jo Shram karne se Mukarta rahe..

Mehnat kar fal na mile..
Aisa na kabhi sochna tu..
Karte jaa tu ab mehnat..
Fir na kabhi thakna tu..
Fir na kabhi rukna tu..

Chances ? Opportunities ? Take all of them !

Its the only chance you’ve got !
And due to some circumstances, its falling off your hands..
Don’t let any opportunity or a chance, slip like that !
Because After its gone, there’ll be no ears around you to listen to your reason for letting it go.
So Why to build up those reasons for letting a things go..
Rather, you can utilise the same time for building your paradise.